What is inclusive and equitable quality education for ethnic minorities?  A case of Laos.


At the end of 2015, Education for All (EFA) which had been a dominant global education policy for two decades has met the deadline. While it has contributed to a significant increase in an access to education in low-income countries, it was criticised for failing to share its benefits with the most marginalised children and leaving them behind. Reflecting this criticism, in 2016 a new global education framework, Sustainable Development Goal 4, was announced emphasising ‘inclusive and equitable quality education’.

This research proposes to investigate how the notion of ‘inclusive and equitable quality education’ is defined and interpreted in relation to ethnic minorities by national policy makers, major donor agencies, and teachers to ethnic minorities in Laos. The Lao government has been attempting to integrate ethnic minorities into the dominant ethnic group through assimilationist education policies which resulted in their educational and social regression. This process involved the government’s interpretation of EFA based on their political agenda and was made possible while EFA diverted international community’s attention from educational equity. Although the SDG 4 has brought inclusive and equitable quality education under a highlight, it is unclear how and if these core concepts of SDG 4 are defined and interpreted in relation to ethnic minorities in Laos. Employing grounded theory and narrative inquiry, the findings of this study will enable us to make an assessment as to how SDG 4 is able to reach ethnic minorities, through identifying various discourses surrounding the SDG 4 in Laos as well as introducing ethnic minority teachers’ voices on their and their students’ educational needs.

Date         Monday 26th March 2018

Time        10.30am to 12:30pm

Panel:      Dr Christina Gowlett (Chair), Dr Simone Smala and Professor Adil Khan

Principal Advisor: Dr Vicente Reyes Associate Advisor:  Dr Obaid Hamid

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