Feedback Coaching: Building teacher and school leader capacity, improving student outcomes

Data collected on Australian students since 2008 have shown varying levels of improvement, with achievement in some assessed areas stagnating. High performing school systems throughout the world focus on developing teacher capacity by placing emphasis on teacher learning and by ensuring schools provide for this learning through strong leadership practices and resourcing (Jensen, Sonneman, Roberts-Hull & Hunter, 2016). Schools need to focus on processes that will build teacher competence and clarity around effective teaching practices and effective learning processes. Current research is now needed to identify the elements of a coaching model that facilitate change in teacher practice, so that schools can implement evidence-based professional learning that is sustainable, affordable and has the desired effect of improving student learning.

This research aims to design and measure the effect of a feedback coaching intervention model upon primary teacher and school leader beliefs, practice and perceptions of pedagogical change. The participants for this study will include year 5 classroom teachers and school leaders from 13 schools within the Brisbane Metropolitan Region. The context of the feedback coaching will be the English Learning Area of the Australian Curriculum, with a focus on writing. The feedback coaching intervention will be comprised of 8 sessions over one school semester. The expected outcomes of the intervention include changes in teacher practice due to capacity built in the use of effective feedback processes.

Principal Advisor

Professor Annemaree Carroll

Other advisor/s

Dr Cam Brooks

Panel Chair

Dr Linda Willis

Other panel member/s

Dr Jenny Povey

Date of confirmation seminar

7 December 2017

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