Confirmation of Candidature - Sasha Lynn

Navigating the Mindfield of Social Emotional Learning in High School: Using Gamification to Enhance Learning and Well-being Outcomes

Enhancing adolescent learning is integral to healthy lifelong development. When learning is a positive experience, social emotional well-being is enhanced and deeper learning is possible. Explicit teaching of social emotional skills through social emotional learning (SEL) interventions in schools can enhance academic achievement, and support positive relationship development, social connectedness, and general well-being throughout the lifespan.

Recent years have seen innovative developments in the delivery of both curriculum and SEL programs. Game-based curriculum and interventions for example, provide a novel, yet effective mode in which to engage students in learning. Game-based delivery includes approaches such as e-learning, digital game-based applications, and serious games (games developed for the specific purpose of learning or conveying a specific message). One specific method of delivery that could potentially enhance the benefits of SEL is gamification, involving the application of game-based elements to non-game contexts. Gamification has shown benefits to date in business, tertiary sectors and some secondary subjects (Fotaris, Mastoras, Leinfellner, & Rosunally, 2016; Light, & Pierson, 2014; Singh, 2012), leading to enhanced engagement and investment in the materials, and greater learning (Kapp, 2012).

The aim of the proposed study is to investigate social emotional learning interventions in secondary schools, exploring standard and game-based methods (including e-tools, serious games, digital game-based learning and gamification) of intervention delivery. The impact of each delivery method will be examined in relation to core well-being and learning outcomes Specifically, emotional competence, general well-being, engagement, intrinsic motivation, psychological flow, and deep learning will be examined.

Date:       Thursday 16 November 2017

Time:       12:30pm - 2:30pm

Location:   Room 328
                    Social Science Building 24 St Lucia Campus

PANEL:  Professor Karen Nankervis (Chair), Dr Sue Creagh

Principal Advisor: Professor Annemaree Carroll

Associate Advisor:  Dr Julie Bower

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