Confirmation of Candidature - Marg Shuls

From theory-practice divide to third space: Using cogenerative dialogue to explore pedagogic rights in learning to teach critical and creative thinking in a preservice teacher education program

In initial teacher education programs the preservice teacher is impacted by the theory-practice divide. While mentor teachers and teacher educators may also be impacted, it is the preservice teacher who is caught in the gap between theory and practice. They may hear conflicting advice about theory – ‘I did not learn anything useful or practical while I was at uni’ from the mentor teacher, refuting the need for theory in the classroom and ‘You really will not learn how to teach until you are responsible for your own class’ refuting the value of the supervised field experience. In this study a design-based research methodology will be used to highlight and investigate this real world problem of theory-practice divide in preservice teacher education. It will attempt to disrupt the theory-practice divide by creating a third space where the theorists, the preservice teachers and the practitioners discuss the theory and practice of teaching critical and creative thinking skills. Using cogenerative dialogue the three partner groups will work toward an end goal of critically and creatively producing a framework for teaching these skills. The impact on the theory-practice divide will be measured using a framework of pedagogic rights, postulated by Bernstein where inclusion, democracy and community, and decision making are key.

Date:       Monday 23 October 2017

Time:       2pm - 4pm

Location:   Room 302
                    Social Science Building 24 St Lucia Campus

PANEL:  Associate Professor Katie Makar (Chair), Dr Vicente Reyes

Principal Advisor: Dr Linda Willis

Associate Advisor:  Professor Martin Mills

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