Confirmation of Candidature - Solange Macedo Lima

Blended learning model for student self-regulation: A design-based investigation of mathematics pedagogy at a public school in Brazil

As the main gateway to interrupt poverty cycles and equip students with the tools to make the most of opportunities to increase social mobility, schools should be innovating and using digital learning technologies to improve students’ achievements and promote social justice. Despite open sources, ubiquity of devices, and increased connectivity, teachers in Brazilian public schools are resistant to incorporate digital learning technologies in blended models of teaching and learning.

The proposed study will deploy a design-based research methodology to investigate the implementation of a blended learning model at a public school in the Northeast of Brazil. I plan to develop an integrative model by collaborating with mathematics teachers in blending active methods of learning mathematics in the classroom, with the online learning activities offered through the Khan Academy. The data analytic capacities of the online platform will be used to diagnose the levels and pace of learning of the students and gauge their engagement and motivation to learn mathematics. Of particular focus is how the online data analytics can be used by students to understand and follow their learning as they develop and improve self-regulation, critical thinking and learning strategies.

Date       Friday 18 August 2017

Time       11am to 12:30pm

Location   Room s302

Location   Social Science Building 24  St Lucia Campus


PANEL:  Associate Professor Katie Makar (Chair), Associate Professor Pedro Isaias (ITaLI)

Principal Advisor: Professor Peter Renshaw

Associate Advisor:  Dr Vicente Reyes

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