Confirmation of Candidature - Maria Ejlertsen

Negotiating Affective Encounters – An exploration of youth belonging in school through attention to affect and place

This study will explore negotiations of youth belonging in school through attention to affect, place, and agency. Although schools can and should be a site of meaningful interaction and learning, they can also be locations of misrecognition and damage. Approximately one-quarter of young people in Australia miss out on educational opportunities and experience significant mental health issues. This study aims to promote better understanding of these issues through a focus on youth belonging. Youth belonging in school correlate with academic engagement and performance, school retention, and mental health. Belonging is recognised as an affective experience, and studies point towards place and the non-human playing an important role. However, research on youth belonging in school has mainly focused on questionnaire-based evaluation of human-to-human relationships. This study will contribute to a broader and deeper understanding of youth belonging in school through an in-depth exploration of affective, place-based, and agentic aspects of youth belonging in school. Using a qualitative case study approach, data will be generated through interviews with young people in an alternative secondary school. Photos taken by the young people themselves will serve as a stimulus for these interviews. Furthermore, interviews with school staff, weekly observations and document analysis will be undertaken. The study will tentatively draw on a performative ontology, which sees truth and knowledge as multiple, complex and continuously co-constituted.

Date       Wednesday 9 August 2017

Time       11am to 1pm

Location   Room s302

Location   Social Science Building 24  St Lucia Campus


PANEL:  Professor Peter Renshaw (Chair), Dr Carmen Mills

Principal Advisor: Professor Martin Mills

Associate Advisor:  Dr Christina Gowlett

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