Confirmation of Candidature - Brigid Fletcher

The impact of SEDA, as an example of private enterprise, on VET education policy and delivery in Australia


This study will examine Sports Education Development Australia (SEDA), as the primary example to explore how private VET providers operate in Australia, and will investigate the extent to which this provider, and others like it, are positioned to influence policy and provision in the VET field. Moreover, this research will question whether private providers in VET have affordances over public ‘Technical and Further Education’ (TAFE) providers. This study aims to identify the actors in the policy networks in VET education provision in Australia and consider the power, value and the consequent influence they have over directing policy in VET education. This includes analysis of the ways in which they might be able to direct and shape aspects of VET such as, subjects offered, curriculum and curriculum intent (Ball & Junemann, 2012). Actors researched in this study will include state agencies and departments, public-private partnerships, businesses, volunteer organisations, foundations, charities, social enterprises, community organisations and faith groups.  In this way it will be possible to consider the stake that private enterprise has in VET education in Australia, and the extent to which these actors are influencing VET policy and shaping education delivery to achieve their own goals, particularly in terms of profit-making. 


Date        Thursday 6 July 2017

Time        2:00pm to 3:30pm

Location   Room S303

Location   Social Science Building 24  St Lucia Campus


PANEL:  Professor Bob Lingard (Chair) and Dr Steven Rynne

Principal Advisor: Dr Ian Hardy

Associate Advisors: Dr Anna Hogan and Dr Sam Sellar

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