Confirmation of Candidature - Karen Dexter

What can we learn from ladies who stitch?

The growth of the internet and social media, smart technologies and mobile devices have been a boon to the amateur crafter.  All over the world, women particularly are reclaiming and re-engaging with traditional yarn crafts like knitting and stitching.  Women of all ages are learning new skills or re-learning skills they were taught as children.  Their individual and group learning is being enabled and supported by the digital environment.

Yarn craft is a growth industry and there are a plethora of web pages, blogs, forums and social media sites catering to the learning needs of the ladies who stitch.  For their part, the ladies who stitch are creating online learning experiences that are engaging, sensorial and embodied.  This is the focus of my research: to explore these positive relationships between the ladies who stitch and the online learning environment and to do it, I'm going to stitch and learn along with them and tell their stories.

Date         Thursday 4th May, 2017

Time        4pm to 5:30pm

Location   Room s328

Location   Social Science Building 24  St Lucia Campus

PANEL:  Associate Professor Katie Makar (Chair) and Associate Professor Sally Butler (Communication and Arts)

Principal Advisor: Associate Professor Liz Mackinlay.  Associate Advisor:  Dr Louise Phillips.

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