Confirmation/Progress review 1 seminar - Laura Rueda

Fri 24 Mar 2023 11:00am

Title: Platforming datafication in Colombia Its Nature and impact on school governance and decision making


This study builds on the literature about digitalization and datafication in education. It particularly focuses on the relationship between digitalization and datafication by exploring how datafication processes occur through third-party educational platforms in an unexplored context, Colombia. Educational platforms play a significant role in mediating how datafication is enacted in schools and this study aims to examine an influential educational platform, ‘Compartir’, in the Colombian context, and its related datafication practices in Colombian schools. Through the implementation of a multiple case study involving 3 schools in the state of Santander, Colombia, this study seeks to describe how datafication practices materialize in schools through the Compartir digital educational platform. Qualitative methods of interviews, and documents and website analysis will be applied to explore platform-mediated datafication and its effects on school governance in this south American Context. The research will examine the different actors involved in the development and enactment of this particular platform, as well as the values, interests, and understandings influencing the creation and enactment of this educational platform and its related datafication practices, and how these are negotiated. Central to this inquiry is the examination of the role of school leaders as key actors influencing platform-mediated data work as well as the effects the platform and its related datafication practices have in the decision-making processes, supervision and monitoring practices carried out by school leaders and school system leaders. The research will focus on the ways in which school governance occurs through the work of school leaders and school system leaders which impact and are impacted by platform-mediated datafication practices. 

When: Friday, 24 March, 11am

Where: Room S402, Building 24 (Social Sciences Bldg).


Advisory team: Dr Suraiya Hameed and Associate Professor Ian Hardy

All HDR candidates and advisors are welcome to attend the presentation.