Research Seminar - Professor Alec Bodzin

Thu 23 Feb 2023 3:30pm4:30pm

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Developing Virtual Reality Learning Experiences in Partnership with Non-formal Environmental Education and STEM-related Centers


Prof Bodzin will discuss his group’s design partnership with four non-formal environmental education and STEM-related centers that have developed a series of virtual reality (VR) experiences to learn about environmental issues. Three different VR experiences will be featured. The Lehigh Gap Story is a narrative-based interactive VR field trip to learn about the environmental changes that occurred during the past two centuries as a result of a zinc smelting plant operation in the Lehigh River watershed. Watershed Explorers is a digital gameful learning experience (DGLE) in which players take a kayaking expedition with avatars and immerse themselves in real locations along the Lehigh River watershed while learning about the Lehigh Valley’s socio-economic development since the mid-1800s, its industrial history, the spatial aspects of the watershed, and how it changed over time. Flood Adventures is a game-based VR simulation experience to help individuals learn about best practices for flood preparation at their home. The VR learning models and implementation findings will be presented. Implications for University faculty seeking to establish design partnerships with non-formal education organizations will be discussed.


I am a Professor in the College of Education at Lehigh University in Bethlehem, PA. I currently serve as the Program Director of the Teaching, Learning, and Technology program. My research interests include: the design of Web-based inquiry learning environments; learning with spatial thinking tools including GIS; design and implementation of inquiry-based environmental science curricula; design and development of immersive virtual reality learning environments; visual instructional technologies; and the use of instructional technologies to promote learning. I am also a faculty member of Lehigh's Environmental Initiative.

Date: Thursday 23 February 2023
Time:  3:30 - 4:30pm
Room: 24- S402
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(Note: this seminar will be recorded)