Confirmation of Candidature - Haiyan (Beatrice) Wang

Fri 23 Sep 2022 11:30am12:30pm


39A-208 - General Purpose North 3

Investigating Adult Chinese English Learners' L2 identity


China has the largest English as a Foreign Language (EFL) learning cohort globally. Although there is much research on EFL learners’ identities concerning Chinese university or school students, there is a paucity of study on the learner identities of adult Chinese EFL learners who are not connected to formal education. Research on their learning experiences remains elusive and scarce. The purpose of this qualitative study is to shed light on the Adult Chinese English learners’ learning experience and explore how their second language identities emerge and develop as they use English in the context of living in China. A qualitative case study is designed for this research and guided by socialists’ theories interweaving and complementing each other to provide a multi-facets and all-rounded approach to anatomize the issue. Data are to be gleaned from around 10 adult EFL learners with several years of English learning experience in private tuition; data collecting instruments include semi-structured interviews, study dairies and WeChat written responses. The study will inform language teachers and learners about the challenges and issues in developing second language learners’ identities and the impact on language learning.


Dr. Simone Smala

Dr. Kate McLay


Dr. Obaid Hamid

Dr. Guy Ramsay

Date: Friday 23 September

Time: 11:30am to 12:30pm

Room: 39A-208 - General Purpose North 3, Collaborative Room 


All HDR candidates and advisors are welcome to attend the presentation.