Confirmation of Candidature - Wen (Bella) Li

Fri 22 Apr 2022 11:00am

Career Development and Career related Choices of China-educated International Medical and Nursing Students and Alumni: Insights for Career Guidance


Recent years have witnessed a substantially increasing number of students who choose to study health professions in China. According to the latest statistics, China is now hosting more than 68,000 international medical students (IMSs) and international nursing students (INSs), mainly from low- and middle-income countries, who are a potential healthcare workforce both for their home countries and other countries. It is very important to understand their career attitudes, as their career choices would have a significant impact on the healthcare delivery outcome in their future practice locations. This study seeks to examine the difficulties preventing IMSs and INSs from making career decisions, as well as the factors influencing their career choices. It will also investigate the barriers to the career progression of China-educated international medical alumni (IMA) and international nursing alumni (INA).

The study will adopt a mixed research method, which involves 3 stages of data collection: qualitative data collection among IMSs and INSs – quantitative data collection among IMSs and INSs – qualitative data collection among IMA and INA. Using the obtained data, the study intends to build models to explain the career decision making process of the target population, by modifying the existing models and frameworks. This study is expected to make theoretical contributions to the development of career theories, as well as identify practical implications to the improvement of international healthcare education and career guidance services for the related students in China.


Professor Robyn Gillies

Associate Professor Asaduzzaman Khan

Professor Hong Sun


Dr Obaid Hamid (Chair)

Dr Elizabeth Edwards

Date: Friday 22 April

Time: 11:00am


All HDR candidates and advisors are welcome to attend the presentation.