Research Seminar - Assoc Prof Teresa Lupion-Cobos - Seminar recorded

Fri 1 Apr 2022 1:30pm2:30pm


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Inquiry and contextualization approaches in science & STEM education: Science teacher training


Training scientifically and technologically literate citizens is an objective of Science Education that involves addressing challenges from the training of science teachers. The key competences approach has spread rapidly to the educational systems of various countries. In Spain, the incorporation of competences into the curriculum enables educators to place the emphasis on those aspects of learning that are considered essential from an integrative perspective that is geared toward the application of acquired knowledge.

Our research group studies several approaches to foster scientific literacy among all students promoting responsible citizens. Although there are different ways of teaching science so as to develop competencies we believe that the most suitable approaches are those derived from context-based teaching using scientific practices such as are promoted by inquiry science education. Training proposals that enhance a teaching intervention by transferring these practices and the teachers´ perceptions will be shown.

BIO: Associate Professor Teresa Lupion-Cobos, University of Malaga, Spain

Dr. Teresa Lupión-Cobos has a PhD in Chemistry and is currently Associate Professor in the Department of Science Education at the University of Málaga, Spain. She has worked as secondary science teacher before coming to the tertiary field. Her current research interests are: Teacher professional development focusing on context-based, inquiry science education and STEM education. She is a member of the research group ENCIC which translates as “Teaching of Sciences and Competences” ( and of the European Science Education Research Association.

Date:  Friday 1 April 2022

Time: 1:30pm-2:30pm

Room: 24-S402

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