Confirmation of M Phil - Wen Zhang

Fri 7 May 2021 3:00pm

Potential Contribution of Proactive Counselling Services for International Students


The international higher education sector has experienced rapid growth since the beginning of 21st century. Consequently, the challenges faced by international students, and the usefulness of respective helping services are hot topics for researchers in the field of higher education. The present thesis conducted a critical analysis of theoretical and empirical literature and revealed that international students require effective cultural competence strategies to maximize their academic and social development in a multicultural environment. The purpose of the proposed project is to inform the content of an effective cultural competence program designed to benefit both international students and higher education institutions so they can better address the challenges of students studying abroad. This research adopts an exploratory sequential design, such that data will be collected from semi-structured interviews and online surveys, with international students, sequentially. It is anticipated that the results will provide a new perspective on the importance of cultural competence in providing effective helping services to meet international students’ overall satisfaction, and at the same time contribute to the success and development of internationalization strategies in higher education.


Professor Robyn Gillies (Principal)

Dr. Elizabeth Edwards (Associate)


Dr. Obaid Hamid (Chair)

Associate Professor Kerryn Dixon

Date: 7th May 2021                                           Time: 3pm

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