Reflection and re-engineering for STEM policy-makers: Implications from Finnish STEM-conducive culture based on the “MERGE” model

Mon 2 Mar 2020 4:30pm5:30pm


Level 2, Sir Llew Edward Building #14, The University of Queensland, St Lucia Campus

This presentation will provide an overview of the Finnish MERGE model [Human Resources Management (M), Entrepreneurial (E), Republic (R), Government (G), Educational (E)]; and highlight key questions for policy-makers for their professional reflection and re-engineering of their own STEM policy. The audience will be engaged in an exchange of successful experiences as well as challenges faced by STEM policy-makers at all levels, from government to school leaders.

Dr Vincent Wong

Dr Vincent Wong is the Senior Lecturer, Faculty of Education, University of Hong Kong, and Specialism Coordinator (Educational Administration and Management: MEd). He also serves as the Chairman of Resolution Committee, Eastern Regional Organization for Public Administration [partner of United Nations Public Administration Network]; Special Researcher of Finnish Government, in addition to various other international government positions. Vincent formerly served as a senior government official for bilateral agreements with United Nations, OECD, APEC, ASEAN Governments and Asia Group of Public Administration. Currently, Vincent has been invited by governments of China, Korea, Japan, Philippines, Finland, Russia and some OECD countries to serve as an expert consultant in the area of strategic leadership and human resources management in educational and government contexts, especially in Government-led initiatives such as national STEM policy. He is a veteran expert in administrative leadership in the contexts of educational, governmental and public administration. He was awarded “Outstanding Teaching Award” in 2017, with only 7 awardees in the University.

Dr Jammie Lo

Dr Jammie Lo is a University of Queensland alumni from School of Music. Her research interests are in the areas of creative thinking, STEM, STEAM, trans-disciplinary learning, curriculum and pedagogy in early childhood music education. Currently, she is a Lecturer (I) at Hong Kong Baptist University. She has extensive field experience in curriculum development and conducts school-based workshops, providing teacher training in arts education for principals and frontline educators.  In addition to STEM/ STEAM, Jammie has expertise in the field of music education, music education policy, professional development of principals and teachers in early childhood education. Jammie is the recipient of the National Teaching Excellence Award in the 7th China Youth Arts Festival.