Confirmation of Candidature - Suijing Yang

Wed 30 Oct 2019 3:00pm


Level 2, Forgan Smith Building #1
HASS Conference Room (Room E203)

Exploring Regulated Learning in Collaboration in Higher Education: A Systemic Approach


Facing the unique challenges driven by the boosting technology, university students need to become self-regulated learners to analyse the complex situation, monitor and evaluate their progress, and adapt to the dynamic and uncertain world independently, but also collaboratively (OECD, 2018). Despite the extensive research in self-regulated learning, how groups and individual group members regulate in collaborative environments has just started receiving attention (Järvelä & Hadwin, 2013). In higher education, collaborative learning has been increasingly valued as a tool to develop transformative competencies and knowledge in teaching and learning practice (Järvenoja et al., 2018). However, the learning outcomes of collaboration are mixed (Kirschner & Erkens, 2013).

This research aims to explore the mechanism of regulatory processes in collaboration in a higher education context and assist the university students to develop regulated learning skills in collaboration to navigate in an unpredictable future. From a situative perspective and complex systems theory, this research will adopt a systemic approach to analyse regulated learning by three interrelated sub-studies. Study 1 will employ a mixed method approach to understand how groups and individual group members regulate their cognition, motivation, emotion and behaviours in collaboration and identify the effective behavioural patterns of regulated learning in a laboratory setting. Study 2 will discover the intervention to promote effective regulated learning through a between-groups experiment. The findings of the first two studies in laboratory will be examined in Study 3 in a real university course. 


Associate Professor Jason Lodge, Dr Cam Brooks

Confirmation Panel

Professor Annemaree Carroll (Chair), Dr Jodie Miller

All HDR candidates and advisors are welcome.