Storying female academics’ career development in the context of Islamic Indonesian higher education: A feminist analysis


This study focuses on the experiences of female academics in the context of Islamic Indonesian higher education, and explores their experiences of career development. Postcolonial feminism, a theoretical lens which acknowledges the diversity of women’s experiences in contexts outside the West, is used to critique the stories female academics have to share in relation to their opportunities for career development. As a study that draws upon postcolonial perspectives, narrative inquiry is explored as a useful methodology for storying the diversity of lived experiences as valid sources of knowledge amongst female academics in this context. 10 female academics will be asked to tell their story regarding promotion at an Islamic Indonesian university. Through storytelling, this study contributes to an understanding of women’s experiences of success and challenge within Islamic Indonesian academia, which might then be a starting point to help create change, and eliminate inequality in female academics’ career development.


Date         Thursday 11 August 2016

Time        11.00am to 12.30pm

Room       303

Location   Social Science Building 24

St Lucia Campus

PANEL: Dr Ravinder Sidhu (Chair) and Dr Gloria Dall’Alba  Principal Advisor: Associate Professor Liz Mackinlay Associate Advisor:  Dr Ian Hardy

Confirmation of Candidature - Siti (Mufli) MUFLICHAH

Thu 11 Aug 2016 11:00am12:30pm


Room 303 Social Science Building #24 St Lucia Campus