With Obaid Hamid, Bob Lingard, Sam Sellar, Yu-Chih Li, Van Huy Nguyen and Thi
Thanh Huyen Phan

Translation is an ever present dimension of academic work. Think here of French theorists
for example, whose work we access in English or in another language. Think of doing
fieldwork and research interviews in another language and the processes of translation and
interpretation involved. Translation of a different kind is involved in communication across
disciplinary divides and theoretical frameworks. The aim of this seminar is to open up a
conversation about this feature of academic work that is often not commented on, indeed
usually left unsaid. Researcher reflexivity in the social sciences demands consideration of
such matters, as does the need for transparency in the reporting of research ‘findings’. This
seminar might be seen as a potential postcolonial speaking back to the dominance of Global
North knowledge forms and to the dominance of English language as the language today of
a one-world science system.
This seminar will involve two brief introductions by Bob and Sam about broad issues in
translation in academic work. This will be followed by four, 10 minute presentations by each
of Obaid, Yu-Chih, Huyen, and Huy. Obaid will point to the invisible presence of translation
in higher degree research undertaken by scholars from the Global South in traditional
English-speaking universities in the Global North, as well as in emerging English-using
international education ‘hubs’ in different parts of the world. He will then raise
epistemological, ethical and practical issues associated with the use of translation at different
stages of the research process. Yu-Chih, Huyen, and Huy will then deal with practical
concerns they have encountered in their research in relation to these issues and take 30
minutes to do so. They will deal with referencing and quotation (Yu-Chih), reinterpretation
(Huyen), and paralinguistics (Huy). Each will introduce one of these three topics and the
other two will add points from their research experience on that topic. This will leave for 40
minutes for questions and fulsome discussion of the issues raised.

Date Friday 12 August 2016
Time 12.30pm – 2.00pm
Room 402
Location Social Sciences Building #24 St Lucia Campus

‘Lost in Translation’: Epistemological, Ethical and Practical Issues in doing Research in a Second Language

Fri 12 Aug 2016 12:30pm2:00pm


Room 402, Social Sciences Building (24) (street level from Campbell Rd)