Storying Research seminar on May 13 12 -2pm UQ Building 24 – Room 402
Professor Tracey Bunda & Dr Louise Phillips & Associate Professor Liz Mackinlay
Humans have been making meaning through story since the creation of language. Stories reveal meaning without explicit definition. In this seminar we argue for storying as methodology and theory creation that traverses time, culture and place. Lived negotiations of the place and case for story in research will be shared and discussed. We will explore our research practices of living with cultural stories as theories, story gathering and making as methodology and storied research findings across multiple research contexts. Collectively identified principles of storying are proposed and negotiated pathways through the ivory towers that privilege scientific ways of knowing debated. Stories are told to invite possibilities.


Storying Research seminar

Fri 13 May 2016 12:00pm


UQ Building 24 Room 402