Research Interests, Agendas and Trajectories: Developments over Time & through Space

The focus of this discussion will be about developing a research programme over time and through space (in varying contexts). The session will explore how research programmes develop and evolve over time and through the various circumstances within which academics undertake their work (and live their lives more broadly). Professor Bob Lingard, Professor Robyn Gillies, and Dr Ian Hardy will speak to their experiences as a stimulus to a broader discussion about how a coherent yet dynamic programme of work might be undertaken. All welcome.

Professor Bob Lingard
Bob has won many competitive research grants (8 ARC, I ESRC, 1 SSHRC, 1 European Science Foundation), is a Fellow of the Academies of Social Science in Australia and the UK, Fellow of the Australian College of Educators, Fellow of the Australian Council of Educational Leaders, winner of the Australian College of Educators’ Medal and a Life Member of the Australian Association for Research in Education.

Professor Robyn Gillies
Robyn’s publications reflect her major research interests in the learning sciences, classroom discourses, small group processes, classroom instruction, and student behaviour. She has worked in both primary and secondary schools to embed STEM education initiatives into the science curriculum. Robyn is a Chief Investigator on the Science of Learning Research Centre where she has been instrumental in implementing two recent science-based research projects in primary and secondary schools. Her recommendations on how teachers can translate research into practice have been widely profiled in the international literature and on the website of the Smithsonian Science Education Center in Washington, DC.

Dr Ian Hardy
Ian publishes, researches and teaches the politics of educational policy and practice, with a focus on the nature of teachers' learning under current policy conditions. He is investigating how policy support for national (and international) curriculum reform influences teacher learning in schooling settings in Queensland. This work includes ongoing exploration with international colleagues in Canada, United States, Finland and Sweden. Ian is a member of the 'Pedagogy, Education and Praxis' research consortium, involving researchers from Australia, UK, Sweden, Norway, and Finland. Ian has also explored the nature of academic work under current conditions in Australian university settings.

Date Friday 6 May 2016
Time 1.30 to 2.30pm
Room 328
Location Social Science Building #24

‘LIVING RESEARCH’ SEMINAR: Research Interests, Agendas and Trajectories

Fri 6 May 2016 1:30pm


Room 328 Building 24