Globalization and policy making in primary schooling in Bangladesh: Mapping the emergence and role of ‘new philanthropy’ and ‘social entrepreneurship’ through Teach for Bangladesh

This study is about how global policies in education (like Teach for All) are manifested in local sites (like Bangladesh) through localized versions of the global policy (Teach for Bangladesh). The focus is on how social entrepreneurship and new philanthropy are manifested as core processes constituted by and constitutive of the globalization of the TfAll policy. This research considers the global-local interactive space as a research site. To do so, data will be collected focusing on the relationships that connect the global TfAll to the local Teach for Bangladesh, and Teach for Bangladesh to the local Bangladeshi primary schooling policy context. As a global policy, TfAll is enacted, at least in part, through processes of social entrepreneurship and new philanthropy. Thus I want to investigate how global/ized market-oriented policy ideas like new philanthropy and social entrepreneurship are constituting TfB within the Bangladeshi local educational policy context. That is, I want to investigate how social entrepreneurship and new philanthropy precipitate newer forms and modalities of governance through TfB, as it is mediated through the context specificities of the local policy site. Moving beyond more traditional state centric approaches to social research, I have made use of theories and ideas that capture the workings of globalization and its effects upon the ways states now function in policy making. The data collection is based on a recent approach called network ethnography that potentially captures networked relationships and their contents through internet and interview data.
Panel: Dr Obaid Hamid (Chair) & Dr Anna Hogan
Principal Advisor: Dr Ian Hardy
Associate Advisor/s: Professor Bob Lingard
Date Thursday 5 May 2016
Time 11am to 1 pm
Room 328
Location Social Science Building 24
St Lucia Campus

Confirmation of Candidature – PhD – Rino Adhikary

Thu 5 May 2016 11:00am


Room 328 Social Science Building 24