Confirmation of Candidature – PhD (Nov. 7)

Thi Diem Hang Khong
Changes in classroom practices and teacher identity: The case of dialogical pedagogy training in an Asian context


Classroom talk can help children actively construct meanings, promote deep learning as well as cognitive development. Despite the critical role of talk, results from classroom observational research show that it is often not utilised to maximise children’s learning. Teacher talk prevails in the classroom whilst few effective verbal interactions take place among learners. In Vietnam—the setting of this study—even though child-centred education has been promoted and actually endorsed in the Education Law, teacher talk still dominates in traditional classrooms characterised by rote memorisation and passive learning.

This study aims to investigate how teachers can grow professionally to adopt a more dialogic approach to teaching and learning. In particular, it aims to examine changes in teachers’ classroom practices and identity and the change process that they experience as they participate in dialogical pedagogy training. Using Vygotsky’s sociocultural theory and Engeström’s activity theory as its theoretical and analytic framework respectively, the study employs a multiple case study research design to explore the phenomenon. Teachers in two public primary schools in Bac Giang province, Vietnam will join a workshop on dialogic classroom interactions followed by ten whole-school video-based reflection sessions. Further, four teachers in one school will have opportunities for one-on-one reflection upon their own lessons with the researcher. Data will be collected in three phases by means of observations, teacher interviews and field notes. The study is expected to contribute to the body of knowledge about teacher professional development and learning as well as practical and policy implications.

Panel: Professor Peter Renshaw (Chair) & Dr. Obaid Hamid
Principal Advisor: Professor Robyn Gillies
Associate Advisor/s: Professor Merrilyn Goos
Date Monday 7 November 2016
Time 9.30am to 11.00am
Room 506
Location Social Science Building 24
St Lucia Campus