Mid-Candidature Review – PhD November 2

Mid-Candidature Review – PhD – Oral Presentation
Mohammed Alwaleedi
Collaborative Writing in Arabic as a Second Language (ASL) Classrooms in Saudi Arabia: A Mixed-method Study
An increasing number of studies have investigated the effectiveness of collaborative writing in English as a foreign/second language settings. However, very little is known about its impact on Arabic as a second language (ASL) contexts. This study investigated the effects of collaborative writing on 64 students’ writing skills in two ASL teachers’ classrooms. Employing a quasi-experimental design with a mixed methods approach, pre- and post-test scores of the students in collaborative (experimental) writing groups and in traditional (control) groups were compared. The findings showed that there was a statistically significant difference between the scores of the experimental and the control groups which can be attributed to the collaborative writing approach. Specimens of writing of both groups are presented to explain their differential performance.
Panel: Dr Tony Wright (Chair) & Dr Louise Phillips
Principal Advisor: Professor Robyn Gillies
Associate Advisor/s: Dr Obaid Hamid

Date: Wednesday 2 November 2016
Time: 11.00am to 12.00pm
Location: Social Science Building 24 Room 303
St Lucia Campus