Working with Qualitative Data

 A workshop conducted by Dr Sam Sellar and Professor Bob Lingard.

This workshop will focus on qualitative interview data and will examine the questions of what are data, what data should be selected and collected, how to understand the interview situation, how to analyse the data, and how to represent the data. The workshop will involve presentations by Sam and Bob, as well as time for:

  1.  practical data analysis activities in groups;
  2.  discussion about different ways of working with data; and
  3.  discussion of some contemporary issues in qualitative research.

While the focus will be on interview data, the issues covered will also have relevance for students working with other forms of qualitative data. Two required readings will be provided to participants ahead of the workshop.

Time: 10.00-12.00 Saturday, 1 October
Place: Building 24 Room S603