Students who will be attending placements in schools must show evidence of being fully vaccinated against COVID-19 prior to recieiving a placement.

This is a mandatory condition of your placement.

Whilst boosters (third doses) are not yet mandatory, you should provide evidence of all doses of COVID-19 vaccinations and boosters you have received to date when the request email is sent by the School of Education.

The preferred document is your international COVID-19 Certificate, Immunisation History Statement, or any official record written in English or accompanied by a certified translation. The document must contain at a minimum your name, date of birth, the vaccine brand, and the date of each dose. 

If you do not provide the evidence or medical exemption documents by the deadline, you will not be given a placement, which subsequently will have an impact on your ability to progress in the program.


  1. Wait to receive a request to submit COVID-19 vaccination evidence, sent by the School of Education to your student email.

  2. Follow the detailed instructions on the Student Immunisation Requirements page to submit the evidence.